Investor Workshops

We provide ongoing education for our clients AND any investor interested in learning more about investing or our investment strategy.

We believe that an educated investor is more likely to be a successful investor. We recognize that not every investor wants to know the mechanics and technicalities involved in the investment process. Furthermore, it is our goal that you trust our advice so that you don’t need to know these things. That said, we know that some investors have an interest in knowing more and we are committed to providing that education and knowledge.

Online Workshops

We conduct regular online workshops for our client, prospective clients, and anyone interested in learning more about investing. See our schedule of upcoming workshops and sign up here.

A wide range of topics are covered during these workshops including:

  • Fundamentals of investing

  • Performance updates

  • The retirement planning process

  • Research on markets and trends

  • The study of Behavioral Finance

  • Performance updates

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Speaking Engagements

Our company founder, Mark Patton, has spoken to 100’s of companies and a variety of organizations. One of the largest organizations of CEOs ranks Mark’s educational workshop as one of their best out of more than a 1,000 speakers.

Live workshops can range in length from 1 - 5 hours and speaking engagements are typically 15-30 minutes.

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